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PetAlive C-Caps contain a combination of specially selected herbs known for their immune support properties, ability to support vitality and health, and for their cleansing and purifying actions. C-Caps provides a natural antioxidant and immune system health support supplement for dogs and cats to boost immunity and flush toxins for complete cellular health.

Each ingredient within C-Caps supports health in all cells, tissues, and organs of the body. Many of these herbs have been utilised for centuries in traditional medicine and subjected to clinical research.

Domestic animals may usually have a more comfortable life than their wild counterparts, but they are also exposed to many more unhealthy elements, including food colourings, preservatives, a nutritionally poor diet, insufficient exercise, and in some cases, prescription drugs.

In addition, domestic animals rarely have access to the wide array of herbs and other substances that animals who live in the wild instinctively use to support health and cleanse their systems.

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