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Oxy-Powder has been scientifically formulated to use the power of oxygen to safely help your body to relieve bloating and other uncomfortable symptoms associated with constipation. As official distributors we are delighted to bring to you the genuine and original Oxy Powder UK Formula:
  • top quality colon cleansingGenuine Oxy Powder
  • may promote a healthy colon and encourage regular bowel activity
  • no nasty side effects
  • used by medical professionals throughout the world.
  • easy to take and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans
The Oxy-Powder Effect
Each and every day, your digestive system is charged with handing approximately 2 gallons of food, liquids, and bodily secretions. As lifestyles have changed and processed foods become more common place the job of your bowlels and colon has got harder. Junk food is not easy for your colon to deal with and as a result western nations have become the most constipated on earth. 
Ideally we should have a bowel movement after each meal, but most people in the West are lucky if they have one per day. The result is that waste starts to collect and pile up within your colon and it becomes impacted. The result? Constipation, bloating, irritation, and overall poor intestinal health. Your colon needs help to clean itself and Oxy-Powder may help you do it.
Oxy Powder has been praised by many celebreties and models, whilst featuring in top magazines such as Style, Marie-Claire, Bella and Time Out.
For many people the first sign of constipation is to reach for the laxatives. The problem is that for some this can cause unpleasant side effects, whilst in the long term it is counter-productive and can actually make your constipation worse. Now there is an alternative.
Oxy Powder works quickly and effectively. Oxy Powder, as the name suggests, time-releases oxygen into digestive system over an 18 hour period to turn your waste into a liquid form. This may allow effort free and regular bowel movements, whilst carefully removing sludge and other compacted and old body waste which can provide a clean and healthy digestive tract.
Having clean bowels can relieve the discomfort associated with constipation and bloating, and it may also help you feel and look better. You may have more energy, a flatter tummy and it may also improve your immune system – having clean boweld is one of the best ways to prevent most diseases in later life.
Oxy-Powder truly is the in-vogue colon cleanser of today. Get yours today and enjoy the oxy freedom.

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