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PetAlive LiverAid is a safe, non-addictive 100% natural homeopathic supplement formulated especially for pets to support the efficient production of insulin and bile and help to maintain the body’s ability to eliminate toxins from the system.

The liver, gallbladder, and pancreas are all crucially involved in the digestive process.

The liver stores Vitamins A, D, E and K and produces bile, which is essential in the breakdown of fats. It is also responsible for eliminating and detoxifying the poisons that enter the blood stream. These include medications, processed and unhealthy food, and the various toxins your pet is exposed to on a daily basis.

The gallbladder stores the bile which is produced by the liver, releasing it during digestion.

The pancreas not only produces pancreatic juice which contain digestive enzymes that help in the breakdown of food, but it also plays a vital role in controlling blood sugar by secreting two important hormones, insulin and glucagon.

LiverAid comes in convenient, dissolvable granule form. Safe and easy to administer, these pleasant tasting granules are simply sprinkled on your pet’s tongue and rapidly absorbed in the mouth — making them easy to administer.

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