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Troo Step Insoles use unique Self-Moulding Technology that allows the insoles to develop around the contours of your feet providing custom fit cushion support. Whether you just want more comfort or whether you are suffering from foot pain such as that caused by plantar fasciitis, individual cushioned support will significantly reduce the impact on your feet!.

By providing individual support where you need it the insoles absorb stress from your feet to combine extreme comfort with fast and effective relief from a variety of foot pain and joint conditions including:

  • Plantar Fasciitis / Policeman’s HeelPlantar Fasciitis Relief Guarantee
  • Heel Spurs
  • Arch Problems
  • Foot Pain / Foot Problems
  • Ball of foot pain / Metatarsalgia
  • Ankle / Knee / Hip Pain
  • Shin Splints

Troo Step provide individual cushioned support, relieving the stress on your feet and heel like nothing else out there. Why pay a fortune for custom made insoles when Troo Step mould as you wear them?

“As a qualified Podiatrist I cannot praise the effectiveness of your insoles too highly. I have not received a single complaint or evidence of dissatisfaction from any patient who I have referred to your website”

Eric Robbins, Professional Podiatrist, Ivybridge, UK

How Do They Work?

A unique blend of EVA, with strategically placed support areas, means the insoles provide the support you need where you need it. After a few days wear the insoles will be perfectly moulded to your feet to give you the perfect foundation for healthy feet. 
troo step moulding insoles

Plantar Fasciitis / Heel Pain

For plantar fasciitis, heel problems and arch pain the extra cushioned heel & arch support provides extremely efficient shock absorption to relieve pressure from these areas of the foot. This is the part of the foot which comes under the highest impact when walking so to prevent injury or relieve existing injury this pressure has to be reduced. 

Troo Step Insoles are very effective at reducing the impact, providing comfort and relief quickly. The natural heel lift also reduces the stretch on tendons such as the plantar fascia to prevent over-straining.

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of foot pain and cannot be cured without reducing the load/impact on the foot

Being a degenerative condition it is important plantar fasciitis is taken seriously, without correct footwear and treatment the degeneration will continue in the tissue and could cause long-term damage. For more information on treating plantar fasciitis see our ebook – ‘Solving The Plantar Fasciitis Conundrum‘.

Ball of Foot / Foot Arches

You can further customise your insoles yourself if you wish and add extra support where you need it – such as under the arches or on the balls of your feet. These are helpful for reducing the pressure on the front of the feet for users who have ball-of-foot pain. 
The flexibility of Troo Step Insoles makes them suitable for all types of foot pain

Who Are Troo Step Insoles Suitable For

Troo Step Insoles are suitable for anyone and everyone, whether you are suffering from foot problems or are looking for extra comfort and support to prevent injury:
  • Sports – running, football, tennis, golf etc
  • Work – work boots, office shoes – very popular with postmen and nurses who are on their feet all day.
  • Outdoors – gardening, rambling
  • Indoors – you can even put them in your slippers
Whether you’re old or young, male or female Troo Step Insoles can help you enjoy and maintain comfy feet.

Guaranteed Foot Pain Relief

Troo Step Insoles have over 30,000  happy customers and we would like you to add to that. That is why that if AFTER trying these insoles they do not do everything you hoped then you can return them to us for a full refund – no questions asked. Can’t say fairer than that.

The insoles are designed to be trimmed to fit your shoes perfectly. Feel free to cut away and use the insoles however you would like. If you are not satisfied with the results then you can return them in whatever state they happen to be in and we will return your money. Order now and give them a try – you won’t be disappointed!

Choose Your Insoles Size

Troo Step comes as a full length pair of insoles and are available in two heel thicknesses, Standard (11mm thick heel) and Slim Fit (7mm thick heel) – both tapering to approx 3mm under the ball of the foot.

The Standard 11mm thickness is recommended for all foot and related conditions including plantar fasciitis (policeman’s heel), heel spurs, heel pain/problems, arch area pain, flat feet/fallen arches, pronation, or for those who just want extra cushioning for comfort and to prevent future problems. The extra cushion support is excellent for absorbing your body weight and filtering pressure away from your ‘sore areas’.

The Slim Fit 7mm is recommended as an alternative for people who have concerns about having room in their shoes, or for people who wear naturally tight shoes (e.g. high heels). They may also be used by people who have ball-of-foot problems as the thickness of the insoles is the same at the ball area as the 11mm thick insole. 

Custom support can be added to either fit as required using supplied supplementary support strips. Most users will not need these as the insoles provide excellent support anyway. You should NOT add any extra support until the insoles have fully moulded.

As sizes can vary we have put a size chart below including the length of the insoles in mm to help you choose the best size for you.

Troo Step Size UK Men
UK Ladies
Euro Length in mm
5-6 / 3-6 5-6 3-6 36-38 247mm
7-8 / 7-9
7-8 7-9 39-42 271mm
9-10 / 10-11 9-10 10-11 43-44 287mm
11-12 / 12-13 11-12 12-13 45-46 300mm

The insoles come in 4 different sizes which can be chosen using the drop down menus above. If you are between sizes it is best to go with the bigger size as the insoles are designed to be trimmed to fit.

Troo Step Custom

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