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Native Remedies Vagi-Clear is a natural health support supplement that contains a selection of homeopathic ingredients known for their ability to support overall vaginal health.

Vagi-Clear is taken internally and comes in a convenient, concentrated tincture formula. It is easy to ingest and contains no artificial colours or preservatives. Vagi-Clear is safe for all ages, including pregnant women or those who may be breastfeeding.

There are a number of bacteria that naturally form in the vagina. These multiple species of bacteria try to remain balanced in the body. A key role-player in this balance is hydrogen peroxide-producing lactobacilli in the vagina as well as anaerobic bacteria (bacteria that grow in the absence of oxygen).

Assisting the body in maintaining vaginal health is the naturally occurring lubrication in the vagina, or discharge. Glands in your vagina and cervix produce small amounts of fluid that flows out of your vagina every day, taking with it old cells that line the vagina. Your normal vaginal discharge helps to clean the vagina, as well as keep it lubricated. This discharge should be clear to slightly milky and odourless. The amount of vaginal discharge that is considered normal varies from woman to woman.

Vagi-Clear supports normal balance of vaginal bacteria to promote optimum vaginal health.

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